The 7th round China U.S economic and trade consultation

2019-02-22 12:18:18      µã»÷£º


China-US economic and trade high-level consultation opens in Washington.

The opening ceremony of the seventh round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations was held at the United States White House Eisenhower Executive Office Building. 

In addition to the three Liu he, Lettegizel and Mnuchin, there were a number of dignitaries who attended the opening ceremon

It is understood that compared with that at the end of January, the United States is more attention to detail, the conference room is also larger.The meeting was moved to the Indian Treaty Hall (Indian Treaty Room) on the east wing of the four-floor of the Eisenhower Executive Office building.This venue is a lot bigger and more historic than the last time.Before the opening ceremony began, Lettegizel and Mnuchin greeted Deputy Prime Minister Liu he at the entrance to the Indian Treaty Hall.

The media photo session is still more than 1 minutes, and there was still no statement to the media at the opening meeting.
Deputy Prime Minister Liu he and Lettegizel are said to have looked up together with interest and looked at the microphone that stretched over. It is understood that the Indian Treaty room, where the venue is located, has a long history and has witnessed many major events in the history of the United States. It is said that the United States signed the Bretton Woods Agreement (the Bretton Woods agreements), in which the Charter of the United Nations (Charter) was conducted. The venue of the talks is an interesting perspective and a bellwether for judging the negotiating attitude on both sides, as well as the progress of the negotiations.The subtle changes in the arrangements can see that the attention given to detail on both sides of China and the United States is constantly improving. the consultation took a good start. 
Over the next two days, the two sides will continue to engage in serious negotiations on every detail of the consultations in their respective national interests.It is our main market in U.S for our quartz stone and natural stone , hope can come to an agreement.

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